Monday, March 12, 2012

Istilah Minda: Museum Geologi , Bandung

Place : Museum Geologi , Bandung

The Bandung Geology museum is the biggest and most complete museum in Indonesia of its kind.
Opened as early as 1929 as a geological center, by again, the Dutch, the museum is located in a very spacious colonial building on Jalan Diponegoro.
The museum is divided into three exhibitions, Geology of Indonesia in the West wing, History of life in the East wing and Geology for human life on the top floor.
The museum has a large collection of fossils, of which about 6000 are on display and the other 250.000 are kept in a safe. The research department is still very much active and next to documentation, and exhibition, geologists specialising in fosils, stones, minerals and volcanoes reside in the top floor.


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