Jenayah Di Halalkan | Review Filem The Purge

Jenayah Di Halalkan | Review Filem The Purge | Pada tahun 2022, segala jenis jenayah dialu-alukan dan halal oleh kerajaan untuk seketika dalam setahun. Sebuah filem yang cukup psyco bagi wa. 

The Purge is a 2013 American science fiction thriller film directed and written by James DeMonaco. Starring Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey, the film is set in the year 2022 when the United States has become "a nation reborn", with crime and unemployment rates hitting an all-time low, due to the government having instituted an annual 12-hour period called "the Purge" during which all criminal activity (including murder, theft and rape) becomes legal. The only rules during the Purge are that government officials of "ranking 10 or higher" must remain unharmed and usage of weaponry above "Class 4" (such as WMDs) is forbidden. The Purge is designed to act as a catharsis for the American people, so that they may vent all negative emotions and repressed urges however and on whoever they desire.wikipedia

MawardiYunus | Sangat tidak sesuai untuk tontonan umum, pastikan anda tidak mengandung dan tiada masalah jantung. Bagi wa Filem The Purge ini adalah filem yang mengarut. Rasanya kalau korang tak tengok pun takpe kot. huhu.


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